Project components

The project consists of four components:

Component 1 – Strategy development on upgrading of milk and meat establishments and animal by-product management

  • Setting up a Serbian Council for Animal Production, which will advise methods and programs, which can work in Serbia. The council will consist of farmers and industry organizations together with government representatives from both the regional and the central level.
  • Develop a method to bring milk and meat production establishments up to EU level.
  • Develop an approach to handle and process animal by-products safely.

Component 2 – The upgrading of meat and milk production establishments

  • Support the Veterinary Directorate (VD) in bringing meat and milk establishments towards the level required in the EU.

Component 3 – To improve the handling of animal by-products

  • Support the VD and local authorities in managing the flow of animal by-products to the safety level required in the EU.

Component 4 – Awareness building 

  • Help the Food Business operators to understand and to acknowledge the benefits of upgrading to EU-standards.