Component 1


Activity 1.1 Setting up and supporting a high level Council for Animal production

Activity 1.2 Development of a National Strategy for Upgrading food processing establishments

Activity 1.3 Determination of inventory of relevant stakeholders involved in ABP management

Activity 1.4 Development of a National Strategy with required financial resources and timeframe for ABP management

Activity 1.5 Development and adoption of hygiene codes for food business operators in the meat and milk sectors

Activity 1.6 Development and adoption of hygiene codes for ABP management

Activity 1.7 Appointment of a “Special inspection team” responsible for carrying out the assessment of establishments and implementation of upgrading programme and control measures

Activity 1.8 Appointment of ABP Inter-ministerial Working Group and development of its working procedures, roles and duties

Activity 1.9 Development of Plan for ABP collection facilities’ Network and contingency planning

Activity 1.10 Development of a National Programme for Upgrading of Food establishments

Activity 1.11 Draft of multi-annual institutional training plan

Activity 1.12 National primary and secondary legislation (including that in the pipeline) in the concerned areas reviewed and recommendations for full alignment provided where necessary

Activity 1.13 Monitoring and guidance during implementation