Component 2


Activity 2.1 Updating of the National database of food establishments

Activity 2.2 Development of Check-lists and procedures for the assessment of food establishments

Activity 2.3 Conduct training needs analysis for veterinary inspectors and CCA concerning  food processing establishments

Activity 2.4 Organisation and execution of inspection assessment of structural conditions and classification of food establishments

Activity 2.5 In depth training of at least 50 inspectors on food establishments in the framework of the upgrading strategy. Pilot practical training on evaluation of structural conditions and classification of establishments – 10 simulation exercises

Activity 2.6 Follow-up and ongoing assessment of the upgrading process of food establishments

Activity 2.7 High level Study Visit in Netherlands/  Denmark/Latvia studying  the EU food and feed control system, including the inspection system of food processing establishments and the management of animal by-products

Activity 2.8 Monitoring and guidance during implementation