Component 4


Activity 4.1 Conduct stakeholder mapping and information needs assessment including awareness related meetings with stakeholders, on the upgrading process of food establishments and on regulatory requirements for ABP management. Preparation of stakeholder information, preparation and implementation of the awareness raising plan

Activity 4.2 Food Business Operator’s awareness campaign on National program of upgrading of food establishments and training on general and specific structural and hygiene requirements executed

Activity 4.3 Organization and execution of an awareness campaign and training workshops addressed toward stakeholders and their roles and obligations within the regulatory framework and the National strategy for ABP management

Activity 4.4 Preparation and dissemination of information through manuals, guidelines, as well as articles in relevant newspapers and magazines, and informative leaflets and brochures

Activity 4.5 Evaluation of the awareness component carried out

Activity 4.6 Putting in place of an appropriate coordination mechanism with other projects funded by EU or other donors including eventual links with component 5 of IPA Programme (IPARD)

Activity 4.7 Monitoring and guidance during implementation