Q Fever Trainings in Kraljevo and Novi Sad

The Twinning project organized two training sessions in the veterinary institutes in Kraljevo and Novi Sad on 16 and 18 January 2018, focused on harmonization of methods, analysis, interpretation of results and reporting as well as improvement of theoretical and practical knowledge on detection and characterization of zoonotic agents with emphasis on Coxiella Burnetii. The training was a follow-up of two recently conducted missions regarding Q-Fever surveillance and the development of guidelines.

The two institutes hosted short-term experts Mr. Ádám Dán and Ms. Zsuzsanna Rónai from Hungarian National Food Chain Safety Office Veterinary Diagnostic Directorate.

The trainings started with presentation, evaluation and discussion of the results of the “Q fever real-time PCR internal proficiency test” organised by the Hungarian NFCSO reference laboratory with samples prepared from three matrices by the Veterinary Specialist Institute Kraljevo, followed by giving final remarks on the whole Q fever real-time PCR detection method, from sample process to quantitative PCR results.

More than 15 participants from the Veterinary Specialist Institute in Kraljevo and the Scientific Veterinary Institute in Novi Sad took part in the training sessions.

Training in Kraljevo

Workshop in Novi Sad