Twinning project at the 85th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

Events such as the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair are a good opportunity to establish contact with different target groups, such as veterinary experts, other stakeholders and gen

eral public of all ages. The Twinning project was present at the 85th International Agricultural Fair at two stands – in Master hall, at the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, and in the Hall 1, within the French pavilion. France has been the partner country of the fair this year.

The project produced flyers and magnets with educational messages, distributed to the visitors of the fair, pet owners, livestock breeders, stakeholders and other representatives, to evoke the challenges implied by antimicrobial resistance. In accordance with the “One Health” principle, public authorities dealing with human and veterinary public health invest a lot of effort to explain the risks, in particular for future generations. Nowadays, there are many alternative methods to protect human and animal health and prevent infectious diseases. Diverse vaccines are available, whilst in animal husbandry prophylaxis and biosafety measures also play a significant role.

A short video clip was also presented during the fair, explaining general principles of prudent use of antibiotics, which will also be available for educational purposes. The main message was placing the focus on antimicrobial resistance: prudent use of antibiotics must be promoted, which means respecting the prescriptions issued by physicians and veterinarians.

The project team, at the same time, spoke about the importance of good hygiene practice and gave away almost 3000 wet wipes to visitors and exhibitors with a clear message written on it – do not forget to wash your hands before and after eating. A whole range of quizzes and games for children of all ages wеrе used to promote good practice and the children could also get symbolic prizes. Apart from magnets, one could also get bookmarks, pens, USB sticks and timer-deviceс to remind the small ones how long it is necessary to wash one’s hands.

The Twinning project has also planned other activities by the end of this year, during the Veterinary Days (September, Zlatibor) and during World Antibiotic Awareness Week (November, Belgrade).